Each year, we look across our entire dataset for the projects that really stand out. Before you click and reveal the results, can you try and guess each winner?

Most Adopted Feature

Awarded to the most adopted CSS feature.

With 10687 users Flexbox is the most used CSS feature this year.

Runner Ups

2. Transitions: 10606
3. Transforms: 10551

Most Used Technology

Awarded to technology with the largest user base.

With 9753 users Bootstrap is the most used technology this year.

Runner Ups

2. Sass: 9682
3. BEM: 6772

Highest Satisfaction

Awarded to the technology with the highest percentage of satisfied users.

With 91.13% of users willing to use it again, PostCSS proves it’s not kidding around.

Runner Ups

2. Sass: 90.13
3. Emotion: 86.57

Highest Interest

Awarded to the technology developers are most interested in learning.
CSS Modules

79.7% of developers who have heard about CSS Modules want to learn it. That’s some serious interest!

Runner Ups

2. Styled Components: 67.68
3. Sass: 58.61

Most Used Resource

Awarded to the resource with the largest user base.
CSS Tricks

With 10085 users CSS Tricks is the most used resource this year.

Runner Ups

2. Stack Overflow: 9732
3. MDN: 8602