If we had to pick one theme for this year's survey, it would be new beginnings. A new survey in a brand new domain for us; new features for CSS; and a newfound respect for CSS's ever-improving capabilities from the community.

To be fair, CSS has seen its share of doubters as well. The growing importance given to JavaScript over the past few years can sometimes leave some feeling like HTML & CSS are becoming second-tier players, and like their own skills in these fields aren't as valued anymore.

But the data tells another story. While JavaScript isn't going anywhere, it also seems certain that CSS is not going to be replaced anytime soon. And the more powerful CSS becomes, the more valuable mastering it will be.

And make no mistake, CSS is definitely evolving. Most of the features covered in the survey are far from mainstream yet, and upcoming features such as subgrids and aspect ratios are also sure to keep us busy. All this to say that we can't wait for the State of CSS 2020!